Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ex LTTE members speaks out

One of my friends sent me this interview of an ex LTTE member named Ragavan, who was a founding member of the LTTE and gives us a window into the inner workings of LTTE through his experience from the early days of the LTTE. This is a very interesting and unexpected interview, coming from a former LTTE member. Particularly noteworthy is the claim that the introduction of district quotas by the government that allowed students from the underdeveloped villages to enter the university, which the Tamil middle classes did not want to acknowledge as it was against their own interests. Also note worthy are the caste issues within the Tamil community that are raised in the article. To the uninitiated, Dalit is a term used to describe the "Untouchables" of the Indian culture; their only crime being born to the "lowest untouchable" caste.

Here is another interview of an ex LTTE member that now speaks against LTTE as the voice of the Tamils

I salute both these brave souls for condemning and renouncing violence that they themselves engaged in the distant past and for speaking with their heart.  Just hope that they will ultimately realize that all these divisions along the race/religion, etc too are meaningless.  We must all stand as people of one country.

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