Friday, March 13, 2009

War and Peace

A little over half a century ago, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (Mahatma Gandhi) broke free from the shackles of imperialist Great Britain, earning India's independence through peaceful means. Following on the heels of Mahathma Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was instrumental in earning the freedom of African Americans, yet again preaching and practicing non violence. Today, an African American man has become the president of the USA, achieving the highest post in the country, if not, the world; a feat that was unthinkable 50 years ago. Contrast the methods of these great souls with those of the ruthless terrorist organization, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam (LTTE), and you can clearly see the effects of war and peace.

For well over 25 years, LTTE has engaged in ruthless terrorist acts to break apart a peaceful country to claim it for their own, costing over 70,000 lives to date. LTTE has also actively and successfully run a propaganda campaign to twist the facts to fit their own agenda, calling themselves freedom fighters. Is there such a thing as freedom fighters when they take the lives of innocent people to make a statement? Here is a CNN video of a suicide bombing that took place on the 10th of March, 2009 in Sri Lanka at an Islamic Mosque. This is one of many atrocities omitted by LTTE in furthering their own agenda through violence.

If LTTE is truly interested in liberating the Tamil people, I offer LTTE a challenge... instead of spending the multi-million dollars collected from the Tamils living in the comforts of the western world on weapons for the destruction of human lives, why not spend it on improving the lives of the impoverished Tamil people in Sri Lanka? You don't need to fight a war to divide a small country in order to achieve social equality, as evidenced by history. Instead, lay down you megalomaniac egos and educate your people so your children can have a future, provide them jobs so they can stand on their own legs, and provide them with shelter so they have a place to call their own. Instead of tending to these needs, you have chosen to fight an unfair war that has hurt your people much worse than any other and has wasted that money on destruction and despair rather than on construction and hope. If LTTE is the voice of the Tamil people, take care of them instead of driving them out of their homes for your selfish greed. If countries that are many magnitudes bigger, with larger populations and bigger problems could overcome problems of social inequality through peaceful means, you too can over come it through peaceful means if your cause is a truthful one.

The simple truth is that you have been robbing the Sinhalese of the only piece of homeland and the only future they have on earth, while portraying to the world that you are the one that is disadvantaged. You have tried violence, propaganda and deception for over a quarter of a century and your defeat is imminent today. Why not lay down your weapons and try the peaceful means at least now? Why not give up the idea of divisions and learning to live in unity with peace and respect for each other?


  1. LINK:

    Do we still remember what happened in our streets in 1989? heavy artilleries and air strikes?

    Do we know that we are bombing north-east since 1983 and all Tamils has suffered losses?

    Do we know how many injured Tamil have been brought by ICRC and how many died? Do we really care?

    Do we really want to know what’s happening in War-Zones and in North East? Or Just we do not want anybody else to know?

    How come all of sudden, UN and all world are wrong but SriLanka?

    Can we kill Tamils, capture, torture and rape them in detention camps indefinitely, just because Tigers killed Civilians?

    Is this winning hearts of Tamil People?

  2. ealavan,

    I totally agree that we want the world to know the TRUTH, not the propaganda and manufactured lies spread by LTTE such as these

    Who caused the events of the 1983 to happen? Here is what caused this to happen
    Wasn't it the result of LTTE trying to divide a country? Has LTTE tried to work anything peacefully? No. Every opportunity for peace, LTTE has used to re-enforce its arsenal and blow up bombs in populated areas

    Why is the government bombing LTTE terrorists? Because that is what a government is supposed to do when terrorists commit unspeakable atrocities. See what the FBI says about the LTTE Here is what Washington Times says Here is what the World Tamil Movement is about. Sri Lanka is just the tip of the iceberg

    There are many NGOs operating in the country with their own vested interests and agendas. Just because you start a non profit organization with the words "Human" and "Rights" in them doesn't make it an organization with purity in it. You might want to read this article ( fully to understand what goes on in Sri Lanka.

    The Government of Sri Lanka treated the Sinhalese the same when the Sinhalese tried to take control of the country through violence. So how can you claim discrimination??? The government treated both sides the same, without regard to the race or the elasticities. They eradicated the Sinhala uprisings and now they are eradicating the Tamil uprising. Only difference was that the rest of the country was accessible to the government while LTTE controlled areas were not. I am not a fan of any government, but a government must do what it needs to do. No one is exempt. Here is a video you must watch

    Is it wrong for a country to choose as its official language, what is spoken by the majority? If it is wrong, then all the countries in the world must be wrong!

    Did the US go after the Taliban? When you choose the wrong method with wrong intentions, you have to accept the consequences.

    These are the civilians escaped from the LTTE controlled area. Who is responsible for the plight of these innocent people? They didn't want to fight, but LTTE and YOU wanted to profit from their misery. You are not fighting for the rights of these people, you are sacrificing them to get what you want, which is a piece of the island for your own. A day will come when you have to own up to these atrocities.

    We have to learn to live in one country whether you like it or not. There can absolutely be no division. Just because you have chosen to be aggressive, doesn't mean you get the right to break a piece of a country that is one.